Purple Queen auto

Purple Queen Auto: An Exquisite Blend of Beauty, Aroma, and Euphoria

Prepare to be captivated by Purple Queen Auto, a strain that’s not just visually alluring but also an olfactory and mental delight. Born from the fusion of Purple Queen and Critical Auto genetics, this strain offers a sensory experience that’s as enchanting as it is uplifting.

Seedbank: Royal Queen Seeds
Sex: Feminized
Seed Type: Autoflowering Seeds
Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
THC: High
CBD: Low

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Purple Queen auto

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Purple Queen Auto: Unwind with the Fusion of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani

Step into relaxation mode with Purple Queen Auto, a strain that embodies more than just aesthetics. This soothing variant penetrates deep into both the mind and body, offering profound relief from tension and stress.

Our breeders artfully crafted this strain by combining the esteemed parent strains Purple Auto, known for its stunning appearance, and Critical Auto, renowned for its indica-leaning genetic makeup. As a result, Purple Queen Auto leans heavily toward indica dominance (80%), promising a deeply calming experience.

Effects and Flavour Profile of Purple Queen Automatic

Seeking stress relief? This strain has your back. Whether it’s work pressure or everyday life stresses, the solution might just be a few puffs of Purple Queen Automatic. The high gently untangles muscular tension, eases erratic thoughts, and reduces anxiety, ushering in waves of euphoria with each inhalation. Your favorite tunes will sound richer, and a smile will effortlessly find its way to your face.

The terpene profile of Purple Queen Auto enhances the entire smoking experience. From skunk to fruity citrus, its exotic aroma embodies a diverse blend of scents. Each hit delights the palate with a mix of sweetness, bitterness, and spice, grounding you firmly in the present moment.

Visually Stunning and Aromatic

The beauty of Purple Queen Auto is unparalleled; she boasts hues of deep purple and mesmerizing violet tones that weave through the buds, making her a sight to behold. Accompanying her stunning appearance is an aroma that’s nothing short of incredible—think earthy, floral scents with hints of sweet and fruity undertones that enchant the senses.

Euphoria Unleashed

Once indulged, Purple Queen Auto doesn’t disappoint on the effects either. The high it delivers is a much-needed burst of euphoria, uplifting the mind and invigorating the spirits. It’s a strain that effortlessly offers a sense of happiness and relaxation, making it a perfect choice for unwinding after a long day or simply seeking a boost of positive vibes.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the visual splendour, mesmerising aromas, and uplifting effects of Purple Queen Auto—a strain that truly embodies a holistic cannabis experience.

The Rapid, Potent Delights of Royal Cookies Auto

Royal Cookies Auto doesn’t just satisfy the palate with its aroma reminiscent of biscuits and a subtle minty finish akin to the original Cookies. It packs a punch with its tight, resinous buds and an impressive THC content of up to 18%. The effects come on swiftly, delivering a deeply relaxing physical high that lingers for hours, perfect for indulging post-dinner or unwinding after a long day.

Not only is Royal Cookies Auto potent for an autoflowering strain, but it also captures the essence of deliciousness in every nug, making it a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts seeking both flavour and potency in their smoking experience.

Cultivating Purple Queen Auto

From seed to harvest, Purple Queen Auto unfurls its beauty in just about 9 weeks. Its compact nature makes it an ideal candidate for cultivation in small spaces, perfectly fitting into modest closets or indoor setups.

During flowering, this strain showcases two distinctive phenotypes, with roughly half displaying striking shades of deep purple, while the others boast lush dark green hues. Indoor plants, when managed well, can reach around 100 cm, yielding up to 400g/m². Outdoors, expect taller plants at about 140 cm, with yields of up to 150g/plant.

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Seed Bank

Royal Queen Seeds



Seed Type


Strain Type

Indica Dominant Hybrid






Indoor, Outdoor




Calming, Euphoric


Citrus, Earthy

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