Royal Creamatic auto


Introducing Royal Creamatic, the latest addition to the prestigious lineup of autoflowering seeds from Royal Queen Seeds. This extraordinary strain heralds a new era of flavour within the auto cannabis family. Through the fusion of our finest ruderalis genetics with the beloved Honey Cream, we’ve crafted a strain that not only offers unparalleled taste but also ensures a rapid and hassle-free growth cycle.

Seedbank: Royal Queen Seeds
Sex: Feminized
Seed Type: Autoflowering Seeds
Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
THC: Medium
CBD: Medium

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Presenting Royal Creamatic: A Fusion of Elite Genetics Delivering Autoflowering Excellence

Derived from the esteemed Honey Cream, a renowned Spanish indica cultivated from a blend of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino, our Royal Creamatic auto represents an autoflowering masterpiece.

This strain embodies the essence of its photoperiod predecessor, encapsulating the captivating traits in a swift and hassle-free growing package. Its hallmark sugary-caramel aroma pays homage to its lineage, while its accelerated growth makes it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking both speed and quality.

Royal Creamatic auto: A testament to meticolous breeding

Royal Creamatic stands as a testament to meticulous breeding, where top-quality ruderalis genetics were meticulously crossed with the renowned Honey Cream. This meticulous blending has birthed a strain that promises an exceptional taste experience, elevating the standards within the autoflowering cannabis realm. Its growth characteristics are tailored to provide growers with a swift and trouble-free cultivation journey, ensuring both novices and experienced cultivators alike can enjoy the process.

With Royal Creamatic, enthusiasts can expect a fusion of flavors that transcends the ordinary, setting a new standard for autoflowering strains. This strain not only boasts remarkable taste but also delivers a convenient and expedited growth cycle, making it a delightful addition to any cannabis garden.

A Grower’s Gem for Various Environments

This strain’s adaptability stems largely from its petite stature, reaching an average height of 50–60cm indoors, making the term “compact” an understatement. Remarkably, within just 9–10 weeks post-germination, growers can expect bountiful yields of up to 325g/m² indoors and about 80g/plant outdoors.

Easy Bud is highly recommended for novice growers seeking a straightforward cultivating experience. Even seasoned cultivators will appreciate its speedy growth, relishing in the delightful herbaceous Skunk scents that emanate during the final flowering stages.

Ideal for Compact Indoor Gardens

Royal Creamatic auto flourishes as a medium-sized autoflowering feminized variant, ensuring a garden filled with prolific bud-bearing female plants without the intrusion of unwanted males. Expect the growth pattern to center around a substantial central bud, accompanied by a few minor side branches.

With a maximum height reaching around 70–100cm, this strain thrives in smaller indoor spaces, making it an ideal candidate for the Sea of Green (SOG) technique.

Despite its modest stature, Royal Creamatic auto boasts impressive yields, generating up to 165g/plant when nurtured outdoors and up to 450g/m² indoors. Harvest-ready within 12-13 weeks from the seed stage, this top-tier autoflowering variety yields dense, resin-drenched buds that tantalize with exceptional taste and induce a profound, relaxing physical effect. 

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Royal Queen Seeds



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Indica Dominant Hybrid






Indoor, Outdoor




Body Relaxing, Calming


Candy, Pepper

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