Tropical Secret


Unveiling Tropical Secret Feminised: A Hybrid Blend of Aromatics and Benefits

Explore the world of Tropical Secret Feminised by Professional Genetics, a balanced hybrid born from Trainwreck and Secret Weapon strains. Discover its unique cultivation adaptability, delivering robust yields and medium-sized plants.

Indulge in its balanced effects—energizing and relaxing—offering aromatic complexity and therapeutic benefits for various health conditions.

Seedbank: Professional Genetics
Sex: Feminized
Seed Type: Photoperiod
Strain Type: Sativa Leaning Hybrid
THC: Extreme high
CBD: Low

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Tropical Secret Feminised: Exploring the Sensory Symphony of Effects and Genetics

Tropical Secret Origin and Genetic Blend

Tropical Secret Feminised, a recent hybrid introduction, combines genetics from Trainwreck and Secret Weapon strains, resulting in a 60/40 hybrid. With an average THC potency of 26-28%, this strain boasts aromatic richness and therapeutic potential.

Cultivation and Yield of the Tropical Secret cannabis strain

Cultivating Tropical Secret Feminized unveils a unique experience. Its adaptability as a 60% Sativa / 40% Indica hybrid allows successful growth both indoors and outdoors. In 8-10 weeks of flowering, anticipate bountiful indoor yields of 550-650g/m² and impressive outdoor harvests of 850g/plant. The plant maintains a medium height, ensuring suitability for diverse cultivation environments.

Effects and Usage

Tropical Secret offers a balanced experience, inducing relaxation alongside uplifting sensations. Notably energizing and euphoric, it’s best suited for morning use, enhancing focus and productivity throughout the day.

Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Embark on a sensory journey with Tropical Secret, encompassing fruity aromas primarily infused with apricot, grape, and lime, complemented by subtle tobacco notes. Its flavour profile amalgamates citrus and coffee tones, while visually displaying vibrant colors and dense buds.

Tropical Secret Therapeutic Potential

Beyond recreational usage, Tropical Secret holds significant medicinal value. Users report relief from glaucoma, chronic stress, muscle tension, spasms, and insomnia, establishing its role in holistic well-being.

Conclusion and Distinctive Features of the Tropical Secret marijuana strain

Tropical Secret Feminized from Professional Genetics excels in its exceptional lineage, aromatic complexity, versatile effects, and medicinal benefits. Whether for substantial yields or therapeutic usage, Tropical Secret embodies Professional Genetics’ commitment to superior cannabis breeding.

Additional information

Seed Bank

Sensible Seeds Premium, Phylos Bioscience, Professional Genetics, Royal Queen Seeds, Scott Family Farms – Reeferman, Sensible Seeds Premium



Seed Type


Strain Type

Sativa Leaning Hybrid


Extreme High




Indoor, Outdoor




Cerebral, Relaxing, Uplifting


Coffee, Citrus

Medical Conditions

Insomnia, Stress


Extreme High


100 Seeds, 250 Seeds, 500 Seeds, 1000 Seeds