The King in the North (Auto)


The King in the North (Auto) is a strong auto flowering strain that brings back memories of the Northern Light family. The ladies produce extreme heavy yields, with compact buds covered in thick coats of THC rich trichomes which have a very powerful effect!

Seedbank: Sensible Seeds Premium

Sex: Feminized

Seed Type: Autoflower

Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: Very High

CBD: Medium


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The King in the North (Auto) are feminized autoflowering seeds from the Sensible Seeds Premium collection. This cannabis strain has a very high THC and medium CBD-percentage. 

The King cannabis plants are easy to grow and they are extremely high yielders. Indoor production can reach over 650g/m2. Outdoor a single plant can produce 150g per plant and that only in 60 days from seeds.

Background and Origin

This potent autoflowering plant was created by crossing the world famous ‘Northern Lights’ with the well-known ruderalis to create the desired effects.

By using a Mexican ruderalis, a cannabis strain has been developed that does very well indoors as well as outdoors.

The King in The North Autoflower Growing Tips

The King in The North (Auto) is a very easy plant to grow. The plants remain quite small so they are very suitable for guerilla growth.

One of the most amazing features of this hybrid is that you can start harvesting after 60 days from seed planting. This makes it one of the fastest growing autoflowering cannabis strains on the market.

The King in The North (Auto): Aroma, Flavour, Taste and Terpenes

This strain will give you fruity sweet flavours and aromas when consumed. 

Medical effects of the The King in The North (Auto) strain

The King in the North has a euphoric and uplifting high. Medical users say it’s a great strain for those moody days or when you need to socialize and you’re not feeling like it.

Be aware, it is a heavy-hitter, so smoke it slowly.

Additional information

Seed Bank

Sensible Seeds Premium



Seed Type


Strain Type

Indica Dominant Hybrid


Very High




Indoor, Outdoor

Grow Difficulty





Euphoric, Uplifting


Fruity, Sweet

Medical Conditions



Extreme High


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