Super Uzi (Auto)

Super Uzi (Auto) is Sensible Seeds auto flowering version of the AK47 cannabis strain. The ladies produce heavy yields, with tight buds covered in a thick coats of THC crystals. Take caution because she will blow you away, maybe they should have called her; Cannon Due, hasta la vista baby.

Seedbank: Sensible Seeds Premium

Sex: Feminized

Seed Type: Autoflower

Strain Type: Sativa Leaning Hybrid

THC: High

CBD: Medium

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Super Uzi (Auto)

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Super Uzi (Auto) are feminized autoflowering seeds from the Sensible Seeds Premium collection. This cannabis strain has with 20%, a high THC and medium CBD-percentage. 

These cannabis plants are pretty easy to grow and they produce a high yield. Indoor production yields between 400-500g/m2. Outdoor a single plant produces 100-150g per plant in 10 weeks.

Background and Origin

The ladies come from a cross between AK-47 x Lowryder. If we go deeper in the genetics her strain ancestry you will find a blend of an Afghani Indica and a blend of Columbian, Mexican, and Thai Sativas. 

Super Uzi (Autoflower) Growing Tips

Super Uzi (Auto) is a very easy plant to grow, so it’s great for beginners. They are suitable for both indoor as outdoor. The plants remain small with a height of 50 to 70cm.

Deep water culture, SOG (Sea of Green) and Scrog (Screen of Green) are all growing mediums she will love. The plants are also very keen on an abundance of nutrients, lots of light and low humidity. Be aware of the strong and pungent smell whilst growing them. A good ventilation system is highly recommended. 

Super Uzi (Auto): Aroma, Flavour, Taste and Terpenes

Aromatic, earthy and incense are the aroma and taste when you smoke your buds.

Medical effects of the Super Uzi (Auto) strain

Medical cannabis users say this strain helps them with pain and stress relief. The most notable effects are of the euphoric, happy and uplifting kind.    

Additional information

Seed Bank

Sensible Seeds Premium



Seed Type


Strain Type

Sativa Leaning Hybrid






Indoor, Outdoor

Grow Difficulty





Euphoric, Happy, Uplifting



Medical Conditions

Pain, Stress




1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds, 50 Seeds, 100 Seeds