Do Si Dos (Auto)



Do Si Dos (Auto) is an Indica-dominant autoflowering hybrid version of the immense popular strain.

Harvest can be expected with medium yields of fairly potent weed in about 9-10 weeks from seed. THC-levels can rise to 22%.


Seedbank: Sensible Seeds Premium

Sex: Feminized

Seed Type: Autoflower

Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

THC: Very High

CBD: Unknown


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Do Si Dos (Auto)

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Do Si Dos (Auto) are feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds from the Sensible Seeds Premium collection. These beautiful ladies have with 22%, a very high THC percentage. 

The plants are easy to grow and they deliver medium-high yields. After germinating your cannabis seeds, indoor yields of 350-450g/m2 can be reached in 9-10 weeks. Outdoor a harvest of 100-150g/plant is expected.

Background and Origin

Dosidos autoflower is created by crossing her mom with a Ruderalis. Dosidos was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. 

Do-Si-Dos became an instant favorite among many cannabis connoisseurs all around the world when it first hit the market.This autoflower version is nothing less than a logical follow-up. 

How to grow your Do Si Dos Autoflower?

Dosidos autoflowers can be grown indoor as outdoor. For a very successful grow outdoors semi-high humidity and daytime temperatures in a range between 21-26 °C are the perfect growing conditions. 

Yields of 350-450g/m2 indoor and 100-150g/plant can be expected within 9-10 weeks from seeds. This strain does have a pungent smell, so stealth grow is quite difficult.

Do Si Dos (Autoflower): Aroma, Flavour, Taste and Terpenes

Do Si Dos Auto emits a strong citrus, earthy and sweet scent with some floral undertones. On the exhale you will experience fruity and skunky taste. In general, it will be a smooth and sweet smoke.

Medical effects of the Do Si Dos (Auto) strain

The medicinal effects can be described as relaxing both mentally as physical. The soothing body-high keeps control on the cerebral effects. If you smoke bigger amounts this strain will develop in a proper couchlock. 

Additional information

Seed Bank

Sensible Seeds Premium



Seed Type


Strain Type

Indica Dominant Hybrid


Very High




Indoor, Outdoor

Grow Difficulty





Relaxing, Stoned


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Medical Conditions





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