Royal Cookies


Royal Cookies: Unveiling the Cookie Craze

The rise of Cookies strains has captivated the cannabis world, and our very own Royal Cookies, also recognized as Girl Scout Cookies, stands at the forefront of this revolution. Despite her brief tenure in the market, she has swiftly garnered the admiration of smokers and cultivators worldwide, clinching accolades and acclaim of her own.

Seedbank: Royal Queen Seeds
Sex: Feminized
Seed Type: Feminized Seeds
Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
THC: Very High
CBD: Low

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Breeders Utilized Foruma Cookies S1 in Crafting Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies stands as a regal delight meticulously crafted through an arduous and meticulous breeding program, harnessing the best cookie strains from California. This top-shelf strain emerged as the offspring of a meticulous fusion involving two exemplary Forum Cookies S1 specimens. The result is a Cookie strain so remarkably potent that it could evoke a tear of awe even from the Cookie Monster himself!

Indulge in Highlife Cup-Winning Indica Excellence

Suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Royal Cookies thrives under various conditions, but truly flourishes in warm outdoor climates. With its dominant indica genetics, Royal Cookies displays a compact stature, reaching heights of 80-110cm indoors.

However, this modest height does not hinder her exceptional yield potential, boasting a generous harvest of 450-525g/m² after 8-9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, Royal Cookies stretches to greater heights, reaching between 140-180cm and generally ready for harvest around mid-October, offering yields of up to 450-500g per plant.

Royal Cookies Elevated THC Levels

The aroma and flavor of Royal Cookies authentically encapsulate the Cookies lineage, blending sweet and earthy tones into an aromatic and tantalizing essence. However, the allure of Royal Cookies extends far beyond its flavor profile.

This strain elicits a robust high that uplifts the mind into euphoric realms while gently easing the body into profound relaxation. With a potency marked by a staggering 23% THC content, novice smokers are advised to approach with caution, as Royal Cookies can swiftly overwhelm the unprepared.

For cultivators seeking substantial yields of sweet, potent buds embodying the essence of California cannabis, Royal Cookies stands as an impeccable choice, promising an indulgent and rewarding cultivation experience.

Additional information

Seed Bank

Royal Queen Seeds



Seed Type


Strain Type

Indica Dominant Hybrid


Very High




Indoor, Outdoor




Body Relaxing, Euphoric


Earthy, Fruity, Pine

Medical Conditions



Very High


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