Haze Berry auto


Haze Berry Auto: Controlled, Caffeine-Esque Buzz

Harnessing the fusion of Haze Berry and Blueberry Auto genetics, Haze Berry Auto offers a manageable, stimulating experience akin to a caffeinated buzz.

This strain delivers a subtle yet invigorating high that enhances focus and mental clarity without inducing overwhelming nervousness or agitation. It’s a controlled elevation that keeps your senses engaged and alert.

Seedbank: Royal Queen Seeds
Sex: Feminized
Seed Type: Autoflowering Seeds
Strain Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
THC: Medium
CBD: Low

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Haze Berry auto

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Haze Berry Auto: Sativa Energy with Blueberry and Shining Silver Haze

Meet Haze Berry Automatic, the sativa-dominant descendant of the renowned Haze Berry. Our adept breeders masterfully merged this energizing wonder with a premium ruderalis strain, crafting her into an autoflowering gem.

Haze Berry, originating from Afghani genetics and thriving in California’s cannabis hub, has gained global recognition for its robust terpene profile and invigorating effects. By hybridizing this strain with an autoflower, our breeders simplified the cultivation process while hastening the flowering stage.

Effects and Flavour Profile of Haze Berry Automatic

Haze Berry Auto has inherited the distinct high typical of Haze Berry (Blue Dream). Its sativa-leaning effects elevate central nervous system activity, stimulating the mind with a THC content of 13%.

While this potency might seem moderate, it’s perfectly suited for many users, offering manageable psychoactive effects ideal for intermittent daytime use. Like a revitalising cup of coffee, this strain can be savoured during breaks, providing a light mental boost and fostering a creative mindset.

Fruity Blue Dream Essence Enhances the Experience

Crafted after the renowned Blue Dream cultivar, Haze Berry Automatic mirrors its terpene profile, delivering delectable hints of sugary fruitiness and sweetness. Abundant myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene contribute to these delightful aromatic notes.

Growing Haze Berry Auto

Cultivating Haze Berry Auto is a breeze, particularly for novice growers or those constrained by time. Ready for harvest just 10 weeks after germination, this strain reaches a height of approximately 100cm.

Indoors, it yields moderately, while outdoor plants cultivated in garden beds or containers offer between 80-150 grams per plant. This strain’s ease of growth makes it a superb choice for those seeking simplicity and quality in their cannabis cultivation endeavours.

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Seed Bank

Royal Queen Seeds



Seed Type


Strain Type

Sativa Dominant Hybrid






Indoor, Outdoor




Body Relaxing, Longlasting, Potent


Blueberry, Fruity

Medical Conditions





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