El Patron


El Patron: A Fusion of AMG and Shiva Genetics

Born from the genetic union of AMG and Shiva, El Patron stands as a distinguished hybrid, securing its place as a Highlife Cup winner renowned for its exceptional effects and resilient plants that thrive in diverse cultivation environments, whether indoors or outdoors.

Seedbank: Royal Queen Seeds
Sex: Feminized
Seed Type: Feminized Seeds
Strain Type: Sativa Leaning Hybrid
THC: Very High
CBD: Low

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El Patron: Born of AMG and Shiva Lineages

Navigating the realm of cannabis seeds can often be uncertain territory. Without firsthand experience with a strain, it’s challenging to anticipate its true nature. Yet, certain indicators can illuminate a strain’s quality even without direct encounter. One such marker is the attainment of accolades.

El Patron proudly stands as an award-winning strain, securing the top spot in the “Common Weed Cultured in Soil” category at the esteemed Highlife Cup. Judged by a reputable panel of cannabis connoisseurs, this victory serves as a genuine seal of approval, attesting to El Patron’s excellence.

Cultivation Traits of El Patron

El Patron thrives without demanding conditions, displaying exceptional growth in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its indica-leaning genetics influence its growth pattern, showcasing moderate height and abundant lateral expansion.

Cultivators adeptly manage its exuberance through techniques like topping and LST, yielding a medium-sized harvest from both indoor and outdoor plants.

Effect, Flavour, and Aroma of El Patron

Borne from the fusion of parent strains AMG and Shiva, El Patron inherits noteworthy characteristics. AMG, renowned for its potent sativa dominance and 22% THC potency, delivers invigorating effects, while Shiva, an indica strain, offers subtle notes of cardamom and a therapeutic high. This hybridization results in a well-balanced blend, comprising 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics, boasting high THC levels and fruity terpene profiles.

El Patron occupies a unique space between the sativa buzz and the comforting indica body high. Upon consumption, it initiates with a cerebral head high, stimulating neurons, enhancing alertness, and fostering creative ideation.

This sensation gradually transitions into a soothing body high, promoting introspection and contemplation. The versatile effects of El Patron make it suitable for any time of the day—an ideal companion for social gatherings or moments of solitary reflection.

Esteemed among cannabis enthusiasts, El Patron finds favor among culinary artisans. Its flowers exude potent citrus and Kush aromas, offering delightful flavours that seamlessly integrate into cakes, brownies, and various sweet culinary creations.

Additional information

Seed Bank

Royal Queen Seeds



Seed Type


Strain Type

Sativa Leaning Hybrid


Very High




Indoor, Outdoor




Potent, Stoned


Pepper, Herbal

Medical Conditions



Very High


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